"Thai Partner" service

When registering a company, most foreign businessmen face the problem of choosing Thai partners and shareholders. In many cases, the presence of Thai shareholders in the company is not an option, but a necessity.

Under Foreign Business Act at least 51% of the company shares shall belong to Thai individuals or legal entities, otherwise the company will have the status of a foreign legal entity. A foreign company must obtain a license to carry out foreign business before starting operations, which is available only for companies which have received the BOI promotion.

Unfortunately, not every foreign businessman has a Thai partner who can be entrusted with more than half of his company shares, not everyone can rely on their Thai lawyers and accountants and accept them as the company shareholders.

To protect the interests of foreign shareholders we offer Service of Thai Partner:

- Thai Business Consulting Co., Ltd., 100% of the shares belong to Thai shareholders, and director of the Consulting Agency InvestEast has the right to sign.

- We prepare a cooperation agreement for signing by foreign shareholders of the company and Thai Business Consulting Thai Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

- Thai Business Consulting becomes a Thai shareholder of your company with 51% of the shares, providing it with the status of a Thai legal entity.

- Thai Business Consulting Co., Ltd. issues a power of attorney to the person authorized by the foreign shareholders to represent the its interests at the general meetings of shareholders of the company.

To get information about Services of Thai Partner please refer to our managers:

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