Online business activities

Sellers of goods and services, when placing advertisements or information about goods online, must indicate the cost of goods (according to the Notice of the Central Committee on prices for goods and services No. 70, 2020, which entered into force on September 22, 2020). For violation - a fine of up to 10,000 baht.

The news spread quickly online. Although, this is not news. These rules have been around for a long time and are updated annually.

Rules exist to protect consumers' rights, which should be able to review and compare prices from different sellers before purchasing a product. Many sellers only communicate the value of goods to buyers in private messages, which violates the rights of buyers.

What is a business operator?

The term "business operator" includes those who are engaged in the business of selling goods and services through E-commerce systems or online. Even those who post information about their product on the company's website, on a page on Facebook or Instagram.

What to indicate besides the price:

Type, kind, size, weight and other description of the product or service so that all information is clearly visible and obvious to the buyer.

In case there are additional costs or expenses in connection with the purchase of a product or service, the seller must also publish the amount of expenses along with the basic price.


The price must be indicated in Arabic numerals (others are optional).

Product descriptions must be in Thai (others are optional).

Sales history of goods and services

If the website shows the price of goods and services already sold, it must be the same as the price of the goods and services offered for purchase (except for cases of subsequent sale at a price lower than that already sold).

It is difficult to say what caused the excitement around this particular regulation, issued 5 days ago. After all, it cancels the effect of the previous notification No. 102, issued a year earlier, the text of which is 100% the same as the last one. Perhaps precisely because the Department of Internal Commerce announced fines for the violation and bonuses of 25% of the fine for the person who provided information about the violation.

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