The Peaks Residences project in Phuket will be dismantled

According to the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, The Peaks Residences (Phuket, Kata) condominium project is subject to demolition, since the land plot on which construction is underway belongs to the state and the project is located there illegally. The developer has 30 days to comply with the judgment of the Court (from December 17)

✅ The court ruled that the title deed for the land NorSor 3 Kor was issued illegally.

Sira Jenjaka, Member of Parliament and Chair of the House of Representatives' Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee, submitted a formal request to the Phuket provincial government on December 21 to enforce the judgment. A request was also sent to the Phuket Land Department with a request to revoke all documents issued for the project.

✅ Let me remind you that in May 2020, after the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) found that the construction of the project did not comply with the law, the municipality of Karon allowed the continuation of construction on a bond of 3 million baht (to cover damage in the event of a project stop). The government said that the legislation on construction control does not give the authority to local administrative bodies to make such decisions, and the actions of civil servants fall under article 157 of the Criminal Code.

✅ The Syrah MP promised to take action against all officials who were convicted of illegally issuing official documents for The Peaks Residences project.

‼ ️ Buyers of apartments in the project are advised to take measures to protect their investments.

For questions about the return of funds paid to the developer, please contact: + 6687-348-57-03