Legal advice

Legal advice is a service that is needed not only when registering a business in Thailand. Everyone staying being a foreigner in Thailand can find himself in a situation where the advice of an experienced legal expert is required.

We provide:

- One-time oral advice (in person or by Skype)

- Consulting subscriber services

- Written consultations and legal opinions

Legal advice for legal entities:

- Business registration in Thailand

- Tax legislation and tax planning

- Labor legislation and the procedure of employment of foreigners

- Opening of bank accounts

- Obtaining licenses and permits

- Recommendations on conclusion and analysis of existing contracts

- Import-export operations

- Trademark registration in Thailand

Legal advice for individuals:

- Visas (tourist, non-B, retirement, visa Thailand Elite, etc.)

- Employment

- Real estate transactions

- The right of inheritance

- Litigation with developers, family disputes, etc.

- Adoption

- Criminal and criminal procedure law

Detailed information how to get legal advice, introductory legal advice:

Tel: (+6694) 886 74 92

Skype: investeast_manager