All the foreigners must first obtain a visa corresponding to the purposes of stay in the Thailand before arriving to the country. The exception is the right of citizens of certain countries to stay in the Thailand up to 30 days for travelling purposes (a stamp on arrival).

InvestEast will help you to obtain a visa that corresponds to your status, age and purpose of staying in Thailand.

Non-immigrant business visa (Non-B)

The visa is issued by the Thai consulate upon applying documents confirming further employment of a foreigner in the Kingdom. Documents are prepared by the future employer. A non-B visa is issued for 90 days, during which the foreigner must obtain a work permit. After obtaining the permit, the visa can be extended for a period of 90 days, 6 months or one year.

Non-B visa itself doesn’t allow the foreigner to work in Thailand, the foreigner can start work only after obtaining a work permit.

Dependent Visa (Non-O)

After obtaining a work permit and a non-B visa extension, a foreigner's spouse and children may receive a non-O visa for the term of the main non-B visa.

Retirement Visa, Non-O-A

A visa can be obtained after reaching the age of 50 years and if there are funds in the account in a Thai bank in the amount of 800,000 Baht (must be kept on the account for 3 months before the date of visa application) or if there is a monthly confirmed income (pension) not less than 65,000 Baht .

Visa Thailand Elite

Long-term visas for 5, 10 or 20 years, are issued to anyone who desires to become a member of the Thailand Elite Club. This type of visa is suitable for recreation, studying the investment climate, training, permanent living in Thailand for both a single person and the family. Holder of the card Thailand Elite has the right to receive privileges and benefits provided by the Club, in accordance with the purchased package.

InvestEast will advise you on the type of visa you are entitled to obtain, as well as prepare documents for obtaining relevant visa in the shortest possible time.

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