Testament in Thailand: what can be bequeathed

99% of wills are made immediately after the purchase of an apartment. Do you have to make a will if you do not have a property in Thailand?

First, you can bequeath not only real estate property, but also other property, including cars, motorcycles, money in the account, etc.

Property other than apartments in a condominium can be acquired by foreigners under the Thai company name where the foreigner has a stake. Accordingly, it is advisable to mention this stake in the will.

Attention of businessmen’s who have the share in the company, shares in a company are property and that may cause a conflict between other shareholders (partners, if any) and legal heirs.

To bequeath the share will be the right decision.
Even without having any property, you can dispose of personal belongings in the last will and give instructions about the necessary procedures.

Author: Aleksandra Agapitova

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