Due Diligence

InvestEast provide all the necessary information to make a decision about acquiring a business in Thailand.

1. Full verification of the company's statutory documents:

- Obtaining an updated copy of statutory documents from the Business Department;

- Information on the limitation rights of shareholders and directors, on the availability of preferred shares and other company specifics.

2. Information of the tax reporting status:

- Obtaining a copy of the balance sheet;

- Information on debts of tax payments.

3. Income and expenses:

- Analysis of the current situation of the company, verification of primary documentation.

4. Prospects for business development.

Real estate

The research precedes signing of the purchase contract of selling the land plot, an object of the commercial real estate, residential properties and are as follows:

1. Obtaining official information about the object from the Land Department:

- Cadastral value

- Market price

- Obtaining an updated copy of title documents

2. Research the cost of similar objects in a particular area.

3. Prospects for increasing the value of the object

For full information about marketing research please contact InvestEast employees:

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