Investment portfolio formation

Investment portfolio is the collection of assets in Thailand, which may include real estate, business, stocks, property rights - depending on the size of investment and the financial and business goals.

First of all it is necessary to determine the conditions of investor's activity. A private investor may be limited to a few real estates for lease and/or ownership and management of one company, again, should come from the investor's willingness to participate in portfolio management. Corporate investor's portfolio may consist of a much larger number of financial instruments. In order to choose a suitable package should take into consideration such factors as liquidity, profitability and risks of a particular investment object.

The second step is the study and selection of investment targets, the analysis of the current situation and forecasting. This procedure is carried out with the aim to offer facilities that are ideal for the realization of the goals. The procedure will differ for different purposes and objects. If, for example, we are talking about the purchase of property for subsequent lease, then it means obtain information on rents for similar properties, the value of real estate, necessity of additional investments in the improvement, management expenses and the final valuation is the object's profitability.

The third step - is the formation of an investment portfolio - payment for the shares, the payment of the sale-purchase contract, the registration of ownership and other financial and legal procedures, the outcome of which is the de jure and de facto ownership for the all objects of the investment portfolio.

After the procedure of the rights registration is finalized there comes a stage of management and disposal of the investment portfolio. There are some features in Thailand, that should be taken into account during the planning of this stage. For example, impossibility or complicated procedure in the fulfilment of legal actions without the presence of the property owner or director of the company.