In scopes of Pro Bono, we offer you free legal advice. We wait for your calls and will answer all your questions.

FAQ concerning Pro Bono format from Aleksandra Agapitova, moderator of Pro Bono, are below:

When can I get a free legal advice?

Every second Wednesday, usually from 16.00 to 18.00 (we specify the time the day before).

Can I get advice on phone?

Yes, on phone, WhatsApp, Live, We chat, etc. or you can come to our office (smiley)

Do you set the time limits?

We will have only 15 minutes to talk.

Do I have to book time in advance or I just call?

Please reserve your time in advance.

And if 15 minutes is not enough for me?

Then I have to apologize, hang up and take the next call (sad)

What can I learn within 15 minutes? I have serious business questions; can we extend time of consulting?

Dear friends, I remind you that the essence of Pro Bono is, first of all, assistance for those who can’t pay for legal advice, it is a charity program. At Pro Bono I always answer all questions without exception. But I can't do plan of tax optimization or draft a business plan for you within this program.

I have questions regarding business / work / visas regulary. Can I get free advice every time at Pro Bono?

According to our rules, I can not advise you constantly in scopes of Pro Bono. But I can make an exception if you have personal questions or problems. If you have regular business questions, you can purchase a subscription from us for 5 or 10 hours of legal support per month

I can’t not wait for Wednesday, as my question is urgent. Can I call now?

Sure you can. I am always online. But not for free. Consulting fee starts from 1000 Baht (depending on the question, documents to check and time we need to talk).

It is very expensive. Can you advise how to get advice for less price?

My advice is Backer & McKenzie. Contact them and you will understand what expensive means (smiley)

You do not have the right to work as a lawyer and give legal advice? Are you entitled to do this?

If you want you can ask all these questions to our Thai lawyer, who is sitting the next table. He will be happy to advise you in Thai or English. As well as you can talk to me, I will share with you everything that I learned from our lawyer, as well as my 10 years experience of working in legal business as a manager, and then as a director of a law firm.

And if I can’t answer your question, the lawyer is always nearby (smiley)

Book your time and get free legal advice now!