There are a number of non-bank financial institutions in Thailand, where a foreigner can get a loan to purchase a new apartment, as well as the loan secured by existing real estate.

There is no necessity to have a permanent residence or employment in Thailand in order to get a loan. However, the loan cannot be secured by the leased property as well as by the mortgaged real estate.

We offer our assistance in obtaining a turnkey loan, from the selection of a finance company, and till the getting the funds.

The stages in the loan obtaining procedure:

1. Check the real estate for the possibility of obtaining the loan secured by the real estate.

2. The preparation of the loan application and necessary supporting documents and the submission of the application with all necessary documents.

3. Rough estimate of the real estate.

4. The approval of the loan.

5. The signing of the loan agreement.

6. The registration of mortgage in the Land Office.

7. The loan issuance.