Antigua and Barbuda

The most beneficial citizenship program for a family

Individual calculation of the cost of citizenship: + 6694-8989-620

Term: 3-6 months

Visa-free entry: 151 countries

Investments: returnable and non-returnable

Requirements for the main applicant:

- Over 18 years old

- Has no criminal record

- Passed the due diligence check

- is in good health

Additional applicants who may participate in the program:

- Spouse / Wife

- Children (up to 30 years old)

- Parents (up to 55 years old)

- Siblings (any age)

Children over 18, as well as parents, must be dependent on the main investor.

General information:

Antigua and Barbuda has been an independent state since 1981. Member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Organization of American States. Since 1990 has had diplomatic relations with Russia

Antigua and Barbuda is a developing country specializing in international services. 60% of GDP is tourism

The official language of the state is English.

99% of the population is literate, there is several universities, including the Institute of Information Technologies, as well as branches of international schools

Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches and many attractions

Features of the program:

- The most beneficial citizenship program for a family

- For a family of six or more people (from 6 people) there is an option of donating $ 150,000 to the University of the West Indies fund. At the same time, the investor's child will be able to study at the university for free for 1 year