The most profitable citizenship program for one investor

Individual calculation of the cost of citizenship: + 6694-8989-620.

Term: 2-6 months

Visa-free entry: 143 countries

Investments: returnable and non-returnable

Requirements for the main applicant:

- Over 18 years old

- Has no criminal record

- Passed the due diligence check

- is in good health

Additional applicants who may participate in the program:

- Spouse / Wife

- Children (up to 30 years old)

- Parents (any age)

- Brothers and sisters (under 25)

Children over 18, as well as parents, must be dependent on the main investor.

General information:

Dominica is an independent parliamentary republic that is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Common Market also the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

The population is 75,000 people, 1/3 of them are working in agriculture, but the state incomes mostly from tourism.

Dominica is a beneficiary of the American Caribbean Initiative, which brings many goods into the United States duty-free.

The island has a magnificent ecology and stunning nature.

Features of the program:

- The most profitable citizenship program for one investor

- Most Affordable Citizenship Among Caribbean Countries

- Favorable conditions of citizenship for real estate investments for large families