Tax Planning

The taxation of legal entities and individuals during the last two years is changing in favor of taxpayers. We offer our clients to provide full information on current tax rates, tax incentives and promotion, as well as provide update information on changes in tax legislation. For those who are planning a long term business, we recommend not only familiarize with the features of taxation in Thailand, but also pay attention to the long-term and short-term planning.

Long-term planning, we offer at the stage before the start of the project. This process includes:

- The choice of organizational form of business;

- The choice of the location of the Head Office of the company and its branches;

- The structure of the branches;

- The management structure;

- The structure of employment, and others.

Current tax planning is intended for a specific reporting period in order to optimize tax liabilities for the period. Current work includes:

- The organization of the accounting of the company: the systematization of primary documentation, the drafting of tax calendar

- The preparation of a comprehensive plan to optimize tax: the planning of transactions, income and expenses

- The optimization of the use of profits and asset allocation.