Legal subscriber service

Subscription legal service is the provision of consultations on a regular basis for you and your company in Thailand. Not every company needs a full-time lawyer. Nevertheless, questions in the process of activity still arise.

What can we offer you:

1. Consultations on all issues that arise in connection with the daily work of the company: labor relations, visa issues, contract law, licensing, etc.

2. Online phone support, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, as well as consultations in our office.

3. Experienced lawyers and consultants will be able to answer your questions in Russian, English or Thai.

Advantages of subscription service:

You can always promptly solve the problem if

  • You are asked to sign an unclear document in Thai, you face difficulties in your office, in a bank or in government bodies, you need to deal with the legislation in this or that field and so on.
  • You no longer need to "bow" to the lawyer or auditor who serves you for clarification or advice.
  • You will always have an independent opinion of a competent expert on a particular issue that will help you make a decision.
  • You understand how much and for what you pay, our tariffs depend on the time of our specialists, which is required to solve your problem.

Our standard rates include oral consultations in any language during working hours (9.30-18.00, Mon-Fri):

Up to 5 hours per month: 12,000 Baht.

Up to 10 hours per month: 20,000 Baht.

Unlimited Premium tariff - full legal service of your company - the cost depend on the amount of work.

Call us +66873485703, we will tell you more about subscriber legal service.