Work permit for foreigners

Any foreigner who intends to work in Thailand for or without a fee, must obtain a work permit before commencing his duties. A work permit can be issued in Thailand only after receiving a non-immigrant visa of type B (non-B) by a foreigner.

Documents for obtaining a work permit are prepared by the employer company and submitted to the Labor Department by location of office.

The company must employ 4 Thai employees (in addition to the Thai director) and the authorized capital should be 2 million baht per each foreign employee.

The Royal Decree dated on 1979 sets a list of 39 types of work that foreigners can not perform, such as manual work, agricultural work, construction work, etc.

Procedure for obtaining a work permit:

  • Increase of the authorized capital of the company depends from the amount of foreigners necessary for employment (1 foreign employee - 2 million baht).
  • Preparation of documents and receipt of a letter from the Labor Department consent to the employment of an alien.
  • Receiving a non-B visa for 3 months at a Thai consulate abroad.
  • Obtaining a work permit (within 1 month after receiving a letter from the Labor Department).
  • Registration of a foreign employee in the Social Insurance Fund (except for the director of the company).

The permit indicates the name of the company, the address of the office and the position of the foreigner. Accordingly, work activities are allowed only at the company's office and only within the framework of the official obligations specified in the permit.

The performance by a foreigner of any work without first obtaining a work permit entails liability in the form of imprisonment and / or a fine.

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