Obtaining licenses

One of the most important issues when registering a company is to obtain a license corresponding to the type of company's objective. For most types of objectives, special licenses are not required and the company can start activities immediately after registration. Nevertheless, in order to be sure, it is necessary to consult with a lawyer before starting business.

InvestEast will assist you in obtaining the following licenses:

• License for the sale of food in restaurants

• License for alcohol

- Sale of alcohol (in restaurants, shops)

- Import of alcoholic beverages to Thailand (more than 1 liter)

- Manufacture of alcoholic beverages

• Music and karaoke License - for restaurants and hotels

• FDA (Food and Drug Authority) license, which is required for manufacturing or import of the following products:

- Food and Beverages

- Cosmetics

- Medicines

- Medical equipment

- Drugs

- Hazardous substances

• License for e-commerce

The license is necessary for the sale of goods and services through the company's website.

• Building permit

- Construction of a new building

- Changing the structure of an existing building

- Changes in the construction process and deviations from the previously approved plan

- Dismantling of the building

- Changing the use of the building

- Construction or modification of objects near the building (parking, etc.)

• Factory License

• License for import-export operations

• Tourist license

- Within the borders of one province

- Within the borders of Thailand

- International Tourist License

The agency IvnestEast will prepare for you all the documents necessary for obtaining licenses in the shortest possible time and will fully control the process of their consideration and issue of the appropriate license.

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