Legal advice

You may need Legal Advice not only while setting up business in Thailand. Enyone in Thailand can find himself in a situation where the advice of an experienced legal expert is required.

We provide:

  • Personal and online consulting
  • Customers support
  • Consulting in written and legal opinions

Legal advice for corporative customers:

  • Business registration in Thailand
  • Tax legislation and tax planning
  • Labor legislation and the procedures of employment of foreigners
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Legal expertise of contracts and agreement
  • Import-export
  • Trademark registration in Thailand

Legal advice for individuals:

  • Visas (tourist, non-B, retirement, visa Thailand Elite, etc.)
  • Employment
  • Real estate transactions
  • Inheritance
  • Litigation with developers, family disputes, etc.
  • Adoption
  • Criminal and criminal procedure law

Please contact us and we will assist you with all your legal questions

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