Saint Lucia

Preferential conditions for studying in the UK for children

Individual calculation of the cost of citizenship: + 6694-8989-620

Term: 3-4 months

Visa-free entry: 146 countries

Investments: returnable and non-returnable

Requirements for the main applicant:

- Over 18 years old

- Has no criminal record

- Passed the due diligence check

- is in good health

Additional applicants who may participate in the program:

- Spouse / Wife

- Children (up to 30 years old)

- Parents (from 55 years old)

- Brothers and sisters (under 18)

Children over 18, as well as parents, must be dependent on the main investor.

General information:

From the 17th to the 19th century, the island of Saint Lucia was conquered 11 times by England and France. The British put an end to the dispute. At the moment, the state is independent, part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the ALBA alliance

The population of Saint Lucia is 165,000 people, a third of which live in the capital, Castries, which is also the main port.

The backbone of Saint Lucia's economy is tourism and offshore business, mainly the banking sector. Agriculture employs only 22% of the population.

The island hosts jazz, food, diving, and yachting festivals

Saint Lucia has 2 Nobel laureates born in that country: Derek Walcott, who won the Literature Prize, and William Arthur Lewis, who won the Economics.

Features of the program:

- The anti-crisis program for buying government bonds is valid until the end of 2021

- Anti-crisis program for buying government bonds guarantees the right to sell bonds after 5 years