Gold membership, 5 years

Validity period: 5 years

Cost: 900,000 Baht (including VAT)

Points for additional services: 20 points


100,000 baht 1 time for upgrading the category


600,000 baht for switching to Platinum (10 years visa)


1,600,000 baht for switching to Diamond (15 years visa)

Privilege Visa: valid for 5 years, with unlimited number of entries and exits

Each entry stamp valid for 1 year

Arrival and departure:

-VIP meeting and escort on arrival/departure (Elite Personal Assistant)

-Exclusive lounge zone upon arrival/departure (Coral and Miracle)

- Vip immigration

Special privileges of this type of Membership:

-Free medical check-up once during the entire Membership period

-Birthday gift

-Second ticket to leading cinemas for free

-Free night at Anantara Vacation Club (first year only)

-Personal accident insurance (first year only)

-Personal assistant in the shopping center/Premium lounge/Parking

-Discounts at leading restaurants and stores

Member service: 24/7 (English)

Government Concierge: 90-day report assistance, immigration service, driver's license and bank account opening assistance.

Additional benefits for points from 5 categories are provided: Stay, Travel, Leisure, Wealth and Well being.

Please contact us and we will give you full information about the Thailand Elite Club, will help you get through all the procedures and get a visa for 5 years.

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