Any deal in Thailand should be set forth as a contract in written form signed by two witnesses, except for some special forms of the contracts (for example, real estate sales and purchase contracts demand registration in the Land Department).

A properly drawn up contract is a guarantee of fulfillment by the obligations by the parties as well as protection of their rights, it will help to avoid misunderstanding in its implementation and, in case of disagreement, will help to avoid costly and long-term court procedures.

In drafting a contract, it is necessary to define its subject, the price and settlements for goods / services / works, the parties’ rights and obligations, as well as their liability in case of breach of the contract conditions, taking into account the specifics of civil and commercial laws of Thailand.

Drafting the contract, we determine the type and form of the contract, tax obligations of the parties, the consequences of breach of the contract terms, draw up a document that equally protects the rights of the parties and does not contradict the requirements of Unfair Contract Terms Act, B.E. 2540 (1997).

Investeast offers a full range of services for the drafting and audit of contracts in Thailand:

- Sale and purchase of real estate

- Short-term and long-term lease of real estate

- Assignment of the contractual rights and obligations

- Sale and purchase of off-plan real estate

- Real estate management

- Construction

- Sale and purchase of movable property (cars, motorbikes, equipment, furniture, etc.)

- Sale and purchase of shares in Thai companies

- International Contracts

- Loan Agreements

- Partnership Agreements

- Service Agreement

- Cooperation Agreements

- Employment contracts

- Standard contracts for corporate clients in accordance with their needs

InvestEast will advise you on the drafting and signing of all types of contracts, as well as prepare a draft agreement, assist in negotiations and signing of documents.

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