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In Thailand, it is possible to inherit property by law or in accordance with Last Will and Testament. The Last Will, which concerns properties in Thailand, shall be made on the territory of the Kingdom.

The will can be made by one of the methods set forth in the Commercial and Civil Code:

1. In simple written form, signed by the testator in the presence and signature of two witnesses

2. Self-written by the testator and signed by him without need to involve witnesses.

3. At the local Amphur iin front of the officer and two witnesses.

A will can be made in favor of a relative, or in favor of any other person, one or several, in any proportion of property. If at the time of writing the will the heir is a minor (less than 20 years old), it is necessary to appoint a guardian who will act in his interests before he is in full age.

Any movable and immovable property can be specified in the Will: real estate, money placed in bank accounts and cash, vehicles, company shares, rights under contracts, etc.

Should the Will be not made, the court will be required to identify all the heirs and distribute the inheritance in the following order:

1. Children (literally "descendants," that is, children, grandchildren, etc.).

2. Parents

3. Brothers and sisters of full blood

4. Brothers and sisters of half blood

5. Grandparents

6. Aunts and uncles

InvestEast offers the simplest and the most reliable option of the Will - in writing, signed by two witnesses and the will writer.

Documents and information necessary for drafting a will:

1. Passport of the Testator

2. A copy of passport of the heir (heirs)

3. Title documents on property in Thailand (Chanot, house book, bank book, car / motorcycle documents, etc.)

4. Addresses and contact details of the testator and the heir (heirs)

We will assist you in making a complete inventory of properties in Thailand to avoid omitting in the Will, preparing copies of all the title documents as attachments to the Will, and leave one copy of the Will in our office at your request.

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